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Beginner's Net 6/9

posted Jun 19, 2015, 1:58 PM by Jeremy Betz
Tonight was our third Net.
KC1AYO Jeremy was net control.
Participants were:
WA1RJJ Robert
KB1ZYI Ralph
KB1ZYF Kathy
W1ZIP Chris

The focus of tonight's net was Emergency Communications, ARES, Core 4, Radiograms and what rigs we were using.
Links and information given out were:

For added excitement net control KC1AYO lost power at the end.  Jeremy telephoned KC1ADT, who had already cleared the net, to get back on the air and close the net.  By the time KC1ADT got on the air most of the participants had cleared but there were a few diehards that were still listening for net control to get back on the air.  

Lesson learned: Establish a backup net control in case net control goes off the air.